Sticky Notes are those ubiquitous yellow squares that have been part of accounting since the 1970s. They exist in digital form in many applications, including DOKKA. You can add notes that will sit on top of the document in the Workspace view just like it would on paper. Use sticky notes to remind yourself or to flag this document for someone else.

As an added benefit, the note will be added to your accounting software with the transaction as a memo.

You can access sticky notes from the workspace as well as the document itself. In the workspace view, right-click on the document and select Add Sticky Note.

From the document itself, click the More button on the bottom right of the screen. Select the sticky note option.

Enter the text of the note. You can always edit it.

Once you have a note you can click on the yellow tab on the left of the document view to view it. 

In the workspace view, simply click on the note itself.