Searching with the Search Bar

Every word in every document that you upload is indexed by DOKKA. That means that you can search for any word in any document. This includes:

  • Words inside the document - company name, details, etc.
  • The reference number 
  • Words from the Bookkeeping Entry (Bank Account or GL from the Chart of Accounts)
  • Tags - see the article on tags.

Searching with the Search box and "Folders"

The workspace is divided into different categories or "folders." These include "Inbox," "Working," "Done," and others. Below the "folders" are your tags. You can sort view all documents with a specific tag by clicking on that tag in the list. 

The search box is bound by the selected folders, i.e. if you click on "Working" and type something into the search box, DOKKA will only search within that folder.

Searching with Date

You can filter the workspace by just date or by date as well as other criteria. Click on the Date icon and select which date field and click on two dates from the calendar to select the "From" and "To" dates. The workspace will only show you documents from that date range. You can further refine the search by selecting "Folders," Tags, and search words, as described above.