The DOKKA application contains an online chat feature.

On the bottom-right side of the DOKKA Workspace and Document screens, there is a “Chat” button.

Click it, and choose the relevant party from the list of users in this company.

Now you can start chatting to them, similar to how you would chat in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.


The chat list includes anyone linked to your account. This includes the accountants, bookkeepers, managers, and regular users.

Two kinds of the chat:

If you click from the main screens, you will send a general message about your account.

If you click on the chat from a specific document, the chat will be linked to that document with a unique URL!

So if you want to ask a question or resolve an issue about a specific document, click the document, and then click “Chat” on that document.

The chat works in the mobile app as well. When someone replies to your chat, the chat icon on your screen will flash orange. In the mobile app, you will also get a notification. This way questions can be resolved quickly.