DOKKA lets you combine files that were uploading separately, but should really be one document. To use this feature, please navigate to the DOKKA Workspace, where you see all of your documents.

Select the documents that you would like to merge by holding down the Ctrl key (Command for Mac) while selecting documents with your mouse.

The Bulk Actions Menu will appear. Select Merge.

You will be asked to confirm the operation. This is important, because the merging process will affect tags, sticky notes, and other features.

Click Merge in the dialog box. The selected documents will be merged into one file and re-analyzed for processing into your accounting system. 

The new document will contain all of the pages of the original documents. You will need to apply tags and sticky notes again.

DOKKA also has a feature to split pages into separate documents.


Our support team is always available to you. Just click on the question mark tab on the top right-hand of your screen and submit a ticket. Please take a screenshot as well so that our technical team can see exactly what document you are using at the same time and can give you an accurate answer of what the problem could be.