Here are the steps required to connect DOKKA to Priority using the API. There are two types of settings to configure:

(1) Configure a priority user with API access permissions and (2) connect a "DOKKA" company to the matching company in priority.

For any questions you can contact DOKKA's customer service:

"Priority" settings

In order to configure access, make sure that there is a valid license appropriate to your needs. If you do not have a license, please contact DOKKA to purchase a new one or verify that the existing license is appropriate.

The following is a list of actions to be taken in Priority after obtaining the license:

1. Navigate to the menu option to renew licenses

System Management --> System Maintenance --> Renew License

2. Check the DOKKA License:

System Management --> System Maintenance --> Software Licenses --> Applications for License

3. Choose option 

System Management --> System Maintenance --> Users --> Add New User

4. Enter the user information for DOKKA. It is recommended to call the new user "dokka" in small letters. The email could be any email.

5. Go to System Management --> System Maintenance --> Users --> User Permissions:

On the Permissions tab select the option for "Active user?"

On the Licenses tab select the option for "App-Only License"

6. After the new user's details are saved, you will see the "employee card" with the user's details. Set "dokka" in the API-user field for the DOKKA user.

7. Go to System Management --> System Maintenance --> Users --> Assign Password in order to change the password for the "dokka" user that you created.

8. Change the password for the "dokka" user that you created.

9. Go to System Management --> System Maintenance --> Users --> Send Program Activation Link

10. Select "API"

11. Select "E-mail address"

12. Enter the email address of the person doing the configuration

After clicking "OK" you will receive and email with the link to connect to Priority via the API. You should save this link along with the password for the Priority user "dokka" that we created above.

13. The user we created (dokka) must be associated with an application license on the "Applications for License" screen. Please mark the application on the main screen and assign the "dokka" user on the sub-screen "Users for Application"

Go to System Management --> System Maintenance --> Software Licenses --> Applications for License

14. Connect DOKKA to Priority:

Log into DOKKA and click on the desired company. Navigate to the settings screen to configure the integration: Go to Settings --> Integrations --> Click on Priority --> Connect

15. Enter the username that you created ("dokka"), the password that you set, and the API link that was emailed to you

 and click Sign In

16. Select the correct company from the list and select the priority version

If you dont know your Priority version, go to "about priority"

DOKKA and Priority are now connected.

connecting error:

*If you encounter issues while setting up a new user in Dokka and receive an error message stating that Priority does not allow you to make the user active, this may indicate that you have exceeded the number of active users allowed under your license.

It's important to note that Dokka users are not counted in the quota of regular users. Instead, as part of your Priority license, you receive an additional user with limited privileges that can be used to connect with Dokka. To set up this user properly, you'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Temporarily make one of the existing users inactive (excluding the user currently connected to Priority).
  2. Make the Dokka user active and select "Apps license only" in the "License" tab.
  3. Reactivate the previously inactive user.

If you do not receive the API connection link from Priority, it may be because the software does not send emails directly. Instead, it relies on a connection to an email program like Outlook or Gmail. If you haven't yet set up this connection, you can do so by accessing the Mail Settings menu from the top left menu, selecting your email program of choice, and following the instructions provided.

By following these steps, you should be able to successfully set up new users in Dokka and connect with Priority without any issues.