As explained, DOKKA differentiates between Organizations and Companies. Your organization was created in a previous step. A company is a client, or a division of your organization. Now it's time to create your first company.

Click the Add Company link and fill in the information.


In the company settings screen, fill in the blank fields.

You can upload a company logo on this screen if you want. (Watch a short video here.) Click on the Upload button and select a logo from your computer.

The field labeled Company email is the address that you can use to send documents directly from your email into Dokka. You can keep the numbers or change them to something easier to remember.

You should also fill in the address and click Save.

There are two more tabs in the General Information section.

Complete the Financial Info and click Save.

Double check the options in the Features section, although this should already be correct.

You can also click to enable Signing Features. You can learn more about this feature here.

The next step is creating users. You can learn how to do that here

You also are required to connect this company to an accounting system. This can be with one of our dynamic integrations or the Excel Export option. You can get help with this stage here.