DOKKA's complete integration with XERO makes working with these systems a breeze. DOKKA adds a layer of functionality that XERO does not provide, and the seamless integration makes it feel like one system. Many values are set in XERO (you probably already set them up). Most of what's left does not require setting up. DOKKA will learn as you work. But there are some setting that make sense to arrange and control above DOKKA's self-learning. You can access these controls in the Settings screen. Click on the Settings cogwheel.


Select the Integrations screen from the menu on the left. You should already have XERO connected to DOKKA. If you don't, please do so now. You can read this article for help. Click on the arrow to drop down the XERO settings.


Scroll through the options and select the settings that you want. You can also change these later. Make sure that you click save at the bottom of the section!


Setting these should help you work better and faster, but you're in the driver's seat. Use them as they help you.