When you log in for the first time after creating your account, you will be prompted to create your Organization.

To keep things clear, we at DOKKA differentiate between Organizations and Companies. An Organization is an accounting or bookkeeping firm, or a large company. An organization has clients or sub-groups. These sub-groups are called Companies. 

First, we need to set up the organization. This should have been done for you when we created your user account. If you are not prompted to fill in your Organization details, please double check that they are complete and correct.

Click on the cogwheel on the top right of the window.

On this screen you can double-check the organization name. Upload the company logo if you want.

Enter the Organization's address and click Save>

Click Continue.

There are two more tabs in the General Information section.

Complete the Financial Info and click Save.

In the Features section you can enable Signing Features. You can learn more about this feature here.

 The next step to setting up your organization is setting up the Users. We will walk you through that in the next article.