One of the really cool things about DOKKA is the ability to drag text from the document right into the Bookkeeping Entry. The system will learn from this where to find the correct data to complete the entry. If a description is meant to be several words, you can drag them in one by one. But there is a better way: Multiple Word Selection.

Place the mouse pointer just before the text that you want. There shouldn't be any blue boxes around the words at this point.

Hold down the Ctrl key (Command key on Mac) and left-click the mouse. The pointer should turn from a hand to an arrow.

Select the text you want to drag. As you move the mouse across the words you want to drag, you'll see a blue box around each word. That's how you know that you're grabbing the words for dragging.


Release the mouse button and Windows key.

Move the pointer over the selected text and hold down the left mouse button.

Drag the selection to the desired field.

Watch the magic!