The mobile app lets you upload documents to DOKKA right from your phone. The app serves another purpose - it enables people to engage in the chat even without opening DOKKA on their computer.

To use the mobile app, first download it from the App Store or Play Store. Just search for DOKKA and it will come up.

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Logging in

Once the app is installed, click the icon to open it. Log in using the same username and password as for the web interface. If this email account is set up on your phone, the app will let you login with a fingerprint.


Once you're logged in, you will see the documents for your company. 

If you have multiple companies, click the 3 dots on the top left of the screen or swipe to the right to view the list of companies.

MobilAppViewCompanies.png Screenshot_20190610-122329.png

Select the company you want in order to view its documents.


Uploading documents from the app

Tap the SCAN icon. If the document is on your phone, select "Choose from LIbrary..." Otherwise, select "Take Photo..."

Take a picture of the document. Try to take your picture as clearly as possible.


If it's good and you want to have only one page in this document, click the checkmark. If you want to upload several pages to this document, take photos of the subsequent pages. You can see the number of pages on the preview thumbnail on the left. When you're done, tap the checkmark. The document will be uploaded to DOKKA, analyzed, and ready for processing. The bookkeeping entry cannot be completed on a mobile device. 


Chat and Document Chat

The chat feature is a major part of DOKKA. To chat from your phone, click the Chat button on the bottom of the screen. Select the relevant party. Type as you would in WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger (please keep it clean and grammatically correct). You can read more about the chat feature here.