You received a phone call or email from your accountant informing you that they have started using DOKKA to manage documents. Now you need to learn a new system. Don't worry - despite its tremendous power, DOKKA is extremely easy to learn and simple to use.

DOKKA combines document management and the first part of bookkeeping into one easy-to-use system. If your accountant or bookkeeper handles the books and reporting, then this is super simple for you. All that you need to do is to simply upload all documents to DOKKA. This includes all expense receipts, sales receipts, credit notes, etc. You can upload them via your computer, scanner, email, or our mobile app. Simply snap a picture with your phone using our app, and the document is safely stored in your account for proper bookkeeping. There's no need to file the paper receipt, scan it, or mail it to your bookkeeper (you may choose to keep it, but that's up to you). DOKKA does everything automatically.

The document will be securely stored in your account on DOKKA, should you ever need it. Even better, the financial data is automatically extracted for your accounting records. You can use the built-in chat feature to ask your accountant questions about the document. Similarly, they can use the chat to ask you questions as well.

That's it. Please use the guides here to help you learn DOKKA. If you have any questions, ask your financial professional or contact DOKKA Support. We're happy to help you.