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The line item details section of the bookkeeping entry form has been getting more powerful as we add more functionality. Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Resize: You can resize the columns by sliding the line between two columns (like in Excel). Resize.png
  • Pin: You can pin columns to the static left hand side of the form.
  • Add/Remove: There are some fields that are optional. If you don't use them, click the plus icon to the right of the grid to select which fields you see. You may discover fields that you need that were hidden until now, too.Pins.svg
  • Multi-line updates: If you have several lines in the grid for an invoice or statement, you can check the checkboxes on the left and set the account for all of the checked lines at once.MultiLineUpdate.png
  • Entry form view: You can hide the document and view the bookkeeping entry form in full screen. (This is especially useful when processing statements. Once all of the data is extracted to the grid you can hide the document and keep working.)


* You can also drag the gray line separates between the invoice and the bookkeeping entry form and define the view of your choice:

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