The Workspace may be the most important screen in DOKKA. It's the Company's home page. The workspace shows all of the companies documents (except for confidential documents). It is the hub of the accounting automation and document management.

The new version of the workspace replaces the dashboard as well. Your favorite searches are accessible right from the menu.


We have changed the categories for easier sorting as well. Documents are now categorized into "folders." You can use them however they help you. Here is a suggested protocol:

To Approve - These are the documents that are waiting for your approval

Inbox - New documents

Pending - Documents that have begun processing but are pending completion

Done - Documents that have completed their processing 

Archive - Documents that are being stored even if they have not been processed


There are also sub-folders that will become visible when relevant. For example, the Approvals folder will be visible when there are documents in the Approvals Workflow. The Accepted folder is visible within the Done folder.




Move Documents to Different "Folders"

You can assign documents to different categories by using the right-click menu as well as Drag&Drop. You can also use the Bulk Actions Menu to move many documents at once.

Documents will automatically move "down the list" to the appropriate folder. Accepted documents will go to the Done folder and documents that you mark as General will be moved to the Archive folder. 

You can always move documents up or down the list to the folder you want.

Favorite Searches

Your favorite searches have been moved from the Dashboard to the navigation pane on the new Workspace. Clicking on the name will run the search for you. Remember that the search will return the results in the folder that you selected in the top part of navigation pane. You can look at the search results in a different folder by clicking on that folder. You'll know that you're still in the search because you'll see the search terms at the top of the workspace.