DOKKA can now process inventory items. To do this, first you need to enable this feature in the Settings screen as well as in your accounting system.

To enable Inventory in QBO:

The “Deposit” settings needs to be enabled.  Here are the instructions:

  • Click the Gear icon for settings
  • Under “Your Company”, click the link for “Account and Settings”
  • Click Sales
  • Under “Sales form content," enable “Deposit”
  • Click Save

To enable Inventory in DOKKA:

First, go to Settings:

Select the Integrations screen from the menu on the left. If your accounting software isn't already connected, please do so now. You can read this article for help. Click on the arrow next to your accounting software to drop down the settings.

Select "List expense line items as" and select Products/Services. You have now enabled Inventory processing.

Click the back arrow on the top left of the window and open a document. The bookkeeping entry form will now have some new fields, including quantity and rate.

Select the product or service from the list that is imported from your accounting software. You can enter the quantity and rate by typing or use the Drag&Drop feature (recommended). When you click Accept, the invoice data will be pushed to your accounting software, and the inventory data will be updated.