DOKKA's Priority integration has a bonus feature! You can list the tags that will be used for the default searches on the Workspace navigation menu.

You may also notice that the top search on the left is a name in orange. If you add your username to the default tags list you will have a favorite search for your name. This search will return all documents:

  • -That were uploaded by you
  • -In which you were tagged
  • -That are waiting for your approval

If you do have responsibility for all of the documents in the Inbox folder, this favorite can be your inbox or to-do list.

If you add other usernames to the Default Tags box you will see their names as favorite searches. In addition, they will also have their name as a default search in orange.

In order to configure the Default Tags please do the following:

Go to Settings --> Integrations --> Priority

Enter your username, other's usernames, and other desired default tags into the appropriate field

Click Save and you're done!