When a document is uploaded to DOKKA, and while you are completing the bookkeeping entry, DOKKA checks the information in the document against the transactions in your integrated accounting system. If the system finds matches in the fields, we will alert you that this is a possible duplicate.

Why Does this Happen?

DOKKA is here to help you work faster, easier, and better. Working quickly doesn't help if the books are accidentally cooked. We use a complex series of algorithms that allow the artificial intelligence to locate possible duplicates. We programmed the system to be cautious. The extra alerts may get annoying, but they are better than needing to fix data in Quickbooks, Xero, etc afterwards. 

This is NOT a Duplicate. What Can I Do?

We recommend that you check your accounting system to verify that there  is duplicate and that everything is correct. When you are ready, you can force this document into your accounting system. To do this:

Click on the arrow at the end of the Accept button and select Force Accept

The document will be accepted even though it appears to be a duplicate. This way you can work safely, but efficiently.