Step 1:  Check that the features allow integration

Setup -> Company -> Enable Features. 

Open the SuiteCloud tab.






Click on Agree and then Save in the pop-up window.


Step 2:  Installation of DOKKA's bundle

Click on Customization -> SuiteBundler -> Search & Install bundles.

Enter the Bundle number: 380671-> Search

Choose 'DOKKA Connector' and click on install -> install bundles

Select the user from whom the integration will be performed and add the role

'DOKKA integration – INC'.

Lists -> Employees -> Select the Employee on Edit mode.

Navigate to Access TAB-> add 'DOKKA integration' role-> Save.

Note - For each subsidiary you need to create a new role which will be demonstrated further bellow.

Setting up Authentication for the DOKKA Connector

Generate token keys: 

Setup->  Users/Roles->  Access Tokens-> New.

Fill in the details as in the picture below.

Select the integration user in the USER field and save.


Then you will see two keys – very important to save their values - If we leave the screen they will not appear again. Those keys have to be set in the DOKKA app

In case the key values are forgotten – you can delete them and generate new keys:

Setup-> Users/Roles-> Access Tokens -> Edit-> ACTIVE-> Revoke


Setting DOKKA Per Subsidiary

Setup-> Users/Roles->  Manage Roles

Search "DOKKA Integration - INC" and edit.
Click on SELECTED and choose the desired subsidiary from the list
Change the Name and click on Save As

Add the new role for the "selected user":
Lists-> Employees-> Edit the user card-> Access-> Add the new role-> Save

Generate a new token key for each role. 

Repeat the process for each subsidiary that would like to connect to DOKKA.

Getting the DOKKA REST Endpoint

Customization-> Scripting-> Script Deployments


Find the entry, that the value in the Script Column is “DOKKA.Rest.Connector”.
In order to locate it quicker, set the TYPE filter to be REST

Click on View, and copy the URL as it appears in the field EXTERNAL URL


Step 3: Fill in the details in DOKKA:

Please note - if you're trying to connect Dokka to a NetSuite sandbox environment, please replace the dash (-) between the Account ID and the phrase sb with and underscore, e.g. dokka_sb instead of dokka-sb.