You can use the keyboard shortcuts familiar to you from the system in connected companies to Priority:

You can view the keyboard shortcuts by clicking on the question mark at the top right corner.

Duplicate Line - F3:

  • If you wish to copy an existing line from the journal entry, stand on one of the columns in the line you want to copy, and then press the F3 button.

Remove Focused Line - F7:

  • If you wish to delete an existing line, stand on the line you want to delete and press the F7 button.

Duplicate cell from above- F10:

  • If you want to copy the information that appears in the top field of the same column (for example, the same details appearing in the top field of the line), stand on the empty field you want to fill with relevant information and then press the F10 button.

Remove Lines from the same sourced Document - Ctrl+D:

In DOKKA, you can pull data from more than one purchase order on a single invoice.

If you selected one purchase order and then another, the lines from the second allocation will be added at the bottom of the table to the lines of the first order.

To delete all the lines of the same purchase order at once, you can use the keyboard shortcut as follows:

  1. Mark one of the lines of the relevant purchase order using the square to the right of the line.

  2. Use the keyboard shortcuts D+Ctrl.

Fetch Previous invoice - Ctrl+I:

If you want to copy all the data that were in the previous invoice from the same supplier, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+I.

Note! The use of the above keyboard shortcut pulls all the data from the previous invoice (including transaction type, date, and total).

Make sure that all the data is updated to the current invoice before performing an entry.

For any questions, you are always welcome to contact the support team via the question mark at the top left corner in DOKKA or by email at