To connect a company in Dokka to your QBD through manual IIF file import/export follow this quick guide and you’ll be set up in no time.

  1. Go to QBD and export an IFF file for your company. (File>Utilities>Export>List to IIF files)
    After pressing “Lists to IIF Files” select all the boxes and press the OK.

  2. Go to the integration settings of your company in Dokka > Integrations > QuickBooks Desktop and press activate.

  1. After you press Activate, “Connected” will be written in green next to QuickBooks Desktop, now you want to search for the import button and import the IIF file which we extracted previously from QBD.
    Select the file and you will see a message pop up saying that the import was successful.

Export from Dokka to QBD

  1. After publishing documents in Dokka go to the Workspace and press the export button and export to IIF file (Export > IIF format).

  2. Then you need to import the file that you exported from Dokka in the previous step to the QBD File>Utilities>Import>IIF Files, press Import IIF, select the file you exported from Dokka and press Done, it should show that there are new lists or transactions (not 0, in this case since it was done for testing purposes it is 0, but if you get 0 in both it means that it didn’t add anything new and you already had imported that file):