The Approval Workflow allows you to require one or more people to approve a document before it can be accepted into the accounting system. Instructions on setting up the Approvals Workflow can be found here.

After an Approval flow will start, You will receive an email informing you that a document is awaiting your approval- according to the Approval flow order> Click on the link and the document will open in your DOKKA account> Once in DOKKA, you will be taken to the To Approve folder, where you will see all of the documents awaiting your review and approval>

Click on a document to open it>  Review the document as per your company's protocols. You have several options:

1. Reject

2. Approve

3. More...

The More button will let you do a few things before approving or rejecting the document.

There is no requirement to take any of the actions from the More button. If you decide to Approve the document, you will have the ability to add a sticky note right from the approval form. 

You can also Reject the document. Rejecting the form requires a reason. If the document is rejected, for any reason, it is sent back to the workflow creator for analysis. S/he can take the necessary action, modify the workflow and start again.