Dokka can integrate with QBD using one of 2 ways:

  1. IIF files: Using this method specific QBD files are sent from-to QBD to Dokka manually by the user.
  2. Dokka QBD Agent: using this method and agent is installed on a QBD machine and Dokka interact with QBD online without any user intervention

This document describes the installation process of the QBD agent.

The process:

1. Dokka CS to send the customer the DokkaQBDProxySetup*.msi agent installation file


2. Dokka CS to generate the license key to the customer Dokka organization using the support console




3. Verify that all organization companies listed below the License GUID


4. Dokka CS to send The License GUID code to the customer.

5. Dokka CS/The customer IT to install the agent on a customer machine that will be running QBD. Attention: Bothe the agent and the QBD environment should be running to ensure the integration works. Once one of the two is not up and running an errors message will be shown in Dokka


6. Run the Dokka Proxy Agent


7. Enter the License GUID sent by Dokka CS to the customer



8. Make sure QBD is running and connected to a QBD company that is to be connected to Dokka


9. On the Dokka Proxy Agent screen press the Advanced Button


10. The following lower panel will be displayed. If there are already connected companies you will see them in the lower grid.


11. Press the “Click here to get….” Button. Dokka proxy will initiate a connection to the QBD company started in the above section #8 and list in the company grid


12. If the company is already certified Dokka connectivity to it the following popup will be shown


13. Otherwise a QBD certification form will be displayed. Tick the “Yes, always allow access” radio button and the “Allow this application to access…” check box. And press the “Continue” Button.


14. At the following confirmation dialog box press “Done”


15. The following confirmation message will popup


16. The Start the Dokka Proxy Agent communicate between Dokka and the corresponding QBD company press the “Start service button” and verify the “Running” green text is displayed


17. Activate the “Show Logs” button and verify all OK


18. Make sure you don’t close the Dokka Proxy all the time.

19. Go to the Dokka website and access the corresponding  QBD company. 

20. Open the Setting integration menu and define the company as a QBD type

21. On the integration form open the Company File Settings->Companies dropdown list


22. It will display all the organization QBD companies Dokka Proxy is connected to


23. Notice each QBD company is represented as a *.qbw file. Choose the one you want to connect to. The corresponding “Selected company file” name a path will be shown.


24. Load to Dokka and invoice and see if all QBD data is populated in the various fields; e.g. venor, GL accounts, etc….

25. You are connected.

26. Go to section #8 above and repeat the process to all other QBD companies in the organization.

Non-Default QBD settings

  • QBD company environment is managed and stored in a *.QBW file
  • There is a QBD default directory that stores all the companies files

  • However, the customer may store the QBW file in a different directory
  • By default, Dokka Proxy Agent searches for QBW files in the default directory
  • To notify the Dokka Proxy Agent of the non-default directory use enter the root  directory of any non-default QBW locations at the “Extra Path” field.