This error message comes from NetSuite during the posting process, and indicates that one of the fields can't be edited. The field which causes this issue will be shown in this place (marked in red) in the error message:

code: INSUFFICIENT_PERMISSION, message: An error occured in a upsert request: You do not have permissions to set a value for element custbody_dokka_url due to one of the following reasons: 1) The field is read-only; 2) An associated feature is disabled; 3) The field is available either when a record is created or updated, but not in both cases.

How can I see the permissions for a field and edit them?

Note: All actions described here can be done only by a NetSuite user with appropriate permissions. If you can't see the menu items described here, please contact your NetSuite admins/implementors.

To solve this issue, we will first have to make sure that the field's settings allow to change it, and then we'll make sure that the specific form that's used for posting invoices allows to change the value for the field.

* Changing Transaction Fields' Settings:

  1. If the field is found in the invoice's header (not in the rows), go to the 'Transaction Body Fields' list; If the field is found in the invoice's rows, choose 'Transaction Line Fields' from the same menu:

  2. Search for the ID of the field that triggered the error (for example, dokka_custbody_url) in the list and click it. Make sure to remember its description, as it will be necessary for the next steps in "Changing form's settings" section):

  3. Go to the bottom of the page and go to the Display tab, then change the DISPLAY TYPE field to Normal:

* Changing form's permissions:

  1. Go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms:
  2. Find the preferred form for your invoice type (Bills or Credits); Click here to view an article on how to know which are the preferred forms) and click edit next to it:
  3. Go to Screen Fields > Search for a Label / Field called whose name matches the 'Description' value (e.g. - if error message pointed to 'dokka_custbody_url', the field you'll have to look for is 'Dokka URL', as shown in the "Changing Transaction Fields' Settings" section). Make sure that the Display Type is set to Normal and that the "Show" checkbox next to them is ticked.

Once all these settings are changed, try publishing the same invoice again.