There are times when you have to change settings in forms for Netsuite, to check what are the preferred forms, meaning the forms Dokka will use, there are two forms we use one for Bills and the other for Credit, here we will show you how to know which forms Dokka will use.

Dokka uses the role specific preferred forms if they are setup, otherwise we use the general preferred forms.

How to check preferred forms:

  1. Go to Setup > Users/Roles > Manage Roles:
  2. Select the Dokka Role you want to check and press Edit:
  3. Go to the bottom and press Forms, there you will see a list of forms, to the right there is a column with boxes called "Preferred" those that are selected will be the forms that Dokka uses for that role.
  4. If there are forms selected as preferred there you are done, if there are no selected forms you need to go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms. And check which forms are selected there as preferred:

    We first take a look to the Role settings and if there are no forms set as preferred there we take the preferre of the Transaction forms page.