If you upload a document with two or more pages, you can edit it to split the pages into separate documents. You can access this feature with a right-click (Ctrl+click on MAC) -> Edit Document on the document in the Workspace and via the More button in the Document view.



In the window that opens you can separate, rearrange, and remove pages.


To Split Pages to Multiple Documents:


You can split pages and save them as separate documents. Position the mouse between two pages. You will see scissors that separate the parts of the document. Click the mouse to mark this spot for splitting the two sides of the split into separate documents. You can split as many pages as you want. You can even click the Split All button to split the entire document into individual pages. If it helps you, you can split all and then remove the splits for pages that should stay together.


Note - a multi-page document that is approved will be recorded as a single journal entry. If the document contains several different invoice documents, they should be split and kept as separate documents.


When editing a multi-page document, do not forget to click save.



To Re-arrange the Pages:


You can simply use your mouse to drag the pages to the correct location. Click Save when done.