Once you have configured Priority with the API license, you can connect additional companies right in DOKKA. Go to the company that you wish to connect:

1. Go to Settings

2. Go to Settings --> Integrations --> Click on Priority --> Connect

3. Enter the username that you created (in Priority), the password that you set (in Priority), and the API link that was emailed to you and click Sign In.

If you can't find the API link, go to System Management --> System Maintenance --> Users --> Send Program Activation Link. In this window, choose 'API', then choose 'E-Mail Address', and then type in your email address. The API link will be sent to your mailbox.

3. Select the correct company from the list and click Save

If you select the "Connect other companies" checkbox DOKKA will create new companies in DOKKA that are connected to those companies in Priority.

Your new company is now connected to Priority.