DOKKA is a cloud-based technology being developed by a team of very hard-working individuals. We are constantly doing our best to provide you with the best service possible. That said, DOKKA is a program sitting on a server and working on your device in a different location. Applications like this can sometime experience a slowdown. We monitor these and try to fix them as quickly as possible.We appreciate your feedback and reporting of performance issues.

Here is a list of reasons why DOKKA might perform slowly. Some of these are things that you can check and possibly fix by yourself. Others will require you to let us know.

  1. Slow computer - DOKKA should not require too much from your computer. However, an older computer or a machine with too much running on it may have trouble running DOKKA
  2. Slow internet - DOKKA is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution. If the data cannot move from your device to the DOKKA server and back in a quick fashion, this will affect performance.
  3. Firewall or other security - check with your IT department. Working in the "terminal" can also cause the system to operate slower
  4. Index-heavy company - if the company has a large number of accounts, contacts, or other data associated with it, this may cause DOKKA to lag when loading a document. DOKKA wants to load off this data into the bookkeeping entry form for you. If there is too much, it can take a very long time or crash the browser. We recommend keeping your data as trim and optimized as possible.