DOKKA offers an Approval Workflow whereby you can select one or more people assigned to the DOKKA company that will need to review and approve the document *(possibly before it can be accepted into your accounting system). Instructions on how to approve documents can be found here.

This video shows the process of setting up the Approval Flow:

You can also follow these steps:

Start by opening the Approvals box at the top of the DOKKA window.

Select the people that need to approve this document IN THE ORDER that the approval is required. You will see the chain built AND where the workflow is standing.

Activate the Workflow when you're ready.

The first person in the list will receive an email requesting them to review the document. Clicking on the link will take them to log into DOKKA and direct them to the documents pending their approval. Clicking the green button at the bottom of the screen will approve the document and pass it to the next person for approval.

When the chain is complete the document will be marked as "Approved" (if defined may be Accepted into the accounting system). The approvals for this document will be listed on the document itself as signatures.

If the document is rejected, for any reason, it is sent back to the workflow creator for analysis. They can take the necessary action, modify the workflow and start again.


You can change the email notifications setting through: 

A specific company > Profile > Notifications