When you first enter the company you will need to connect the Accounting Software that you use. If we do not currently support your software with direct integration, you can use the export feature to download the DOKKA data and upload it to your accounting system. You can read about that here.

If you are not already in the Settings sectionclick the settings icon at the top right and click the Integrations tab. Select the desired Accounting System.


Follow the prompts on the screen. You will be connected to the website of that system, and you will be able to connect the company to DOKKA by entering the username and password into the ERP's website.


Connecting to Priority requires more configuration in Priority itself. Once your license has been issued, follow the steps in this article to connect your first DOKKA company to DOKKA. Connecting additional companies can do this by following these instructions.

Once you are connected you can set additional settings by clicking on the arrow to the left of your software. See here for more instructions.

If you don't use accounting software or use a system that does not yet integrate with DOKKA, you can still benefit from machine learning and automated processing with our export feature. DOKKA will do the work and you will be able to export the transaction data.