1. Introduction to the system

First connection and language change

Workspace display

Familiarization with different folders

2. Adapting settings to your working method

Differentiating between settings and types of users - administrator and client user

3. How to upload your documents to Dokka

Adding a document via the computer


Dokka application


4. Dividing, linking, and matching documents

Document editing

Document linking

Document matching

5. Importing journal entries to the ERP system

How to access a document - the difference between accessing and viewing a record in the journal entry structure

Customization of Dokka according to needs

Dokka reads every word, number, and character in the document

Dokka's memory - teaching Dokka to remember word-dragging actions from records to journal entries

Dragging a single word and dragging multiple words together - easy and fast document search by number, word, or different dates

Adding fields through the button in the table

Stage 1 - "Reception" according to the ERP system

6. Table display

The difference between the table view and gallery view

Customizing the table according to personal needs and sharing it with others

Filtering within categories in the table

7. Additional operations for convenient work

sticky notes and email labels - creating a label, searching by labels, adding a label as a folder favorite

Attention in the chat

8. How does Dokka detect duplicates and prevent duplication of activities?

Methods by which Dokka prevents duplication in ERP

Using the "Activity Tracker" button

9. approvals flow

How to start and stop the approval process - approving/rejecting/document reporting

10. knowledge base and support inquiry

Self-access to the knowledge base and independent information search

Contacting the support team

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In ten steps