According to what exchange rate does DOKKA update, the currency shown on your invoice?

The Exchange rate will be updated as follows:

At the BOI, the exchange rate is published every day, shortly after 15:15. On Saturdays and during religious holidays, shortly after 12.15. The exchange rates shown in DOKKA are updated in real time with each update by the BOI. 

In general, DOKKA will update the exchange rate according to the date shown on the invoice and the time (on that day) the invoices were uploaded into DOKKA.

Accordingly, invoices that contain the exact same date may have a different exchange rate recorded in DOKKA, depending if they were uploaded before or after the daily exchange rate update. 

(For example, if an invoice is uploaded at 15:20, the exchange rate relating to that invoice will be the very latest one from the 15:15 update on that day. However, if the invoice was uploaded at 09:30 (before the 15:15 update for that day), the relating exchange rate of the invoice, will be the one that was updated at 15:15 the previous day. In other words, according to the very last exchange rate update published by the BOI). 

If the invoice date is on the same day that the exchange rate is not updated. DOKKA will convert the invoice amount according to the last day the relevant exchange rate was updated.

In such a case, there may be a discrepancy, between the amount as seen on the invoice for that day, and the amount shown in DOKKA. One can over-ride this difference by double clicking the left click on your mouse and editing the correct amount manually.'